Snoring Help Illinois

Snoring has become a common problem in Illinois. Here are some of the ways by which the individual can stop snoring and get a good night sleep.

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is an appliance which pulls and pumps the air of the room towards your nose. This machine opens your airways and helps you to breathe more freely. This device can treat sleep apnea more effectively. People having severe symptoms have found this device very helpful and by the help of this device they now can sleep more comfortably. This appliance cause dryness of your mouth and can be uncomfortable to fit on your face.


This is an operation of straightening the partition between the two nostrils. This operation of the septum straightening helps you to treat your snoring problem. The operation is carried out through the nostrils which causes no scar in the middle of the nostrils. The stitches are removed by stitching the skin covering back on it. The success rate of this operation is 50-60%.

Sinus surgery

Sinuses are the air chambers which are present on either side of nose and between eyes. There are mainly four pairs of sinuses called frontal, maxillary, ethnocide and sphenoid. The blockage of the drainage system of sinus leads to infection of mucus which is usually caused when you are having cold.

The surgery of sinus is not at all painful. The patient is anaesthetized and the nose is examined under an operating telescope. The whole surgery is carried out using micro instruments. The polyps and the areas of the blockage are removed. There are very rare serious complications in this surgery. The most possible complication of this surgery is of bleeding.

Losing weight

Overweight people are more prone to suffer from the problem of snoring. Obese people the have many fatty tissues in the neck which narrows the airway leading to vibration of the soft tissue called snoring. Loosing weight will help you to reduce the fatty tissue of the neck and help you to breathe properly.

Sleeping position

If you snore while you are sleeping on your back than you should make it a point that you sleep on your side. Sleeping on your back will make your snoring worse as it makes your airway narrow by making your tongue to slide backwards. Sleeping on your side will help you treat your snoring problem.

Removing tonsils

Tonsils are the located at the back of the throat on either side of the uvula which collects bacteria while you breathe and allows the blood cells to produce a special immune protein to fight the infection. Enlarging of the tonsils causes blockage in the back of your throat which leads to vibration of the tonsils and palate causing snoring. If the tonsils are causing a severe blockage and if your breathing stops for a short period of time while you are sleeping than they should be removed.

The operation of removing tonsils is very simple. Tonsils are removed through your mouth and the blood vessels are sealed. The only complication in this surgery is that of bleeding.

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