Partner Snoring

One of the most irritating and unpleasing act is the snoring in a high or low tone by the partner. Snoring is becoming a major health issue in today's world.

However with proper consultations and proper treatments you can help for partner to stop snoring and put a stop to the unpleasant noises and get you and your partner a good night sleep. Here are the some of the causes and cures listed below which help to stop your partner snoring

Following are the basic causes of snoring

Causes of snoring

Snoring can be caused by the nasal congestion by the blockage of airway sue to cold. The congestion leading to the vibration of the soft tissue which causes snoring.

Asthma and exposure to smoke can cause snoring which restricts and irritates while breathing.

Snoring can also be caused by enlarging of the tonsils and adenoids, smaller jaw and a long tongue which makes it difficult to breathe.

Snoring is mainly caused by obesity i.e. excess fat in the body of the individual. The fatty tissue in the back of the throat and the neck makes it difficult to breathe.

Sleeping on back makes the problem of snoring more worse. Due to the gravity the tongue slid backwards to the back of the throat which limits the airway.

A substance which make the muscles to relax and promotes drowsiness like the alcohol which narrows the air passage and restricts the air to flow easily which encourages snoring.

People can also inherit the problem of snoring by hereditary. You inherit narrow passage which causes snoring.

Older people are more likely to suffer from snoring as advancing age contributes to snoring. Snoring grows with the advancing age.

Following are some of the ways by which you can help your partner to put a full stop to snoring

Cures for snoring

* Elevating the head of your bed prevents the tongue from sliding backwards and helps for breathing more easily. This supports your jaw and tongue to move forwards.

* Homeopathic medicines and nasal strips available help you to clear your nasal congestion which in turn helps you to cure snoring by making the air flow more freely.

* Getting rid of the habit of sleeping on your back will cure your snoring. Sleeping on your back makes your tongue to move backwards which creates breathing problems. You should make it a point that you sleep in your side and get habituated to it.

* Reducing weight will reduce the fatty tissue presented at the back of your throat. Improving your fitness level will also help you to cure snoring.

* Proper diet plays an important role to cure snoring problems. Intake of nutritious food and avoiding high calorie food will help extensively.

* Use of the various types of dental appliances will help cure snoring problem .These appliances that are constructed by a specialized dentist specializing in these types of appliance which will cure your snoring.

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