Oregan Snoring

Snoring is a not a disease but it may be a symptom of some disease. Researches at Oregon Health and Science University have shown some factors that cause snoring. They are poor muscle tone, long uvula, long soft palate, nose blocks, bulky tissues in throat etc. Yet mild and moderate snoring can be cured by some changes in life style whereas heavy snoring requires treatment.

A healthy life style that includes sufficient exercises and balanced diet can reduce snoring. You should avoid alcohol and smoking. Tobacco consumption will surely cause snoring. So you should avoid this. Any sleeping pills or other sedative measures can cause snoring. Avoid such things unless they are compulsory and are recommended by your doctor. You should also follow a sleeping pattern to avoid snoring. Use heavy pillows that elevate your head than normal. This will help to improve breathing and thereby prevent snoring. Avoid any heavy meals at night.

You should remember that heavy snoring must be treated with medical care. Your doctor will decide the treatment to snoring after considering your age, physical health etc. if you have snoring while you are pregnant then you should compulsorily seek medical help. More than 40 million people snore at night sleep. Sometimes hyper tension, stroke etc can lead to snoring. Depression and over weight also cause snoring. So treatment to such physical and metal disorders can help reducing snoring.

An Oregon medical group specializes in analyzing the cause and treatments to snoring. Snoring happens when you are unable to breathe by nose. Mouth breathing will definitely cause snoring. Using any nasal devices to open the nasal passage that allow free flow will help you to reduce snoring. You can get peaceful sleep when you get relief from breathing trouble.

Dr. Lipman is an ENT specialist in Oregon who devoted his work in treating snoring and other sleeping disorders. In his book he has written in detail about snoring problems and the relevant treatments. He suggests surgical treatments to heavy snorers who can not get relief from snoring after trying all the changes in life style. Such heavy snorers may not get relief through various nose and mouth pieces available in the market. Surgical or laser treatment is the only way to cure them. The surgeon will enlarge the throat by removing tonsils and some parts of long soft palate. This will help to clear the nasal passage and you ca breathe easily by nose. This in turn will reduce snoring. Most of the people found relief after they got surgical treatment.

Oregon Health and Science University, Portland has done a research in the field of snoring and sleep apnea. Those who snore heavily are supposed to suffer from sleep apnea more. Treatment to sleep apnea will reduce or even eliminate snoring.

The Oregon Health and Science University suggests the use of nasal mask to prevent snoring especially for those who have breathing problems. The nasal mask can provide sufficient air low through your nose. Surgery may be suggested to persons who have tolerance to medical treatments. The doctor will consider the extent of snoring problem, your age and medical history before starting the treatment.

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