My Roommate Snoring


An unpleasant noise produced due to the vibrations is termed as snoring. Vibrations are caused due to the soft tissues and the weak throat muscles. Snoring is caused due to many factors like excess fats, drinking etc. However the are also various ways and means which helps to stop snoring.

Roommate snoring

Roommate snoring is a very irritating and of a great head ace to sleep. The snorer not only sleeps uncomfortably but he / she also makes the roommates uncomfortable for sleeping by the unpleasing noise produced while sleeping. Some of the common causes and cures which will help to stop roommate snoring are listed below: -

Causes of snoring

* Males are more prone to snoring. As a man's neck is much larger than that of the woman, this means they have more tissues in the neck and these obstruct the airflow which leads to snoring.

* Sleeping on the back can cause snoring as the pharynx which is a muscular tube relaxes while sleeping. This cause narrowing of the airways which cause snoring.

* Snoring can be caused by blockage of airways due to nasal congestion due to some allergies or cold. Enlarging of tonsils and adenoids can also cause snoring.

* Snoring can also be caused by heredity. A person can inherit a narrow throat which can cause snoring.

* Age plays an important role in contributing to snoring. Snoring increases with an advancing age.

* Smoking leads to the exposure to the second hand smoke which relaxes the muscles which can cause the problem of snoring.

* Obese people are more likely to suffer from snoring problem. As they have more fatty tissues in their neck leading to vibrations of the loose tissue.

Here are some of the cures which will help your roommate to stop snoring and you can get a good night sleep:

Cures for snoring

There are many ways to cure your snoring. Some of the effective ways to cure your snoring problem is as follows.

Losing your weight will help you cure your snoring problem by reducing the fatty tissue which is present in your airways.

Steam inhalation clears your nasal congestion which helps you to cure snoring. As nasal congestion obstructs the airflow it leads to vibration creating noisy breathing. Steam inhalation with essential oils can cure snoring.

Snoring can cure by avoiding alcohol before sleeping as alcohol is a muscles relaxant which causes the throat muscles to relax while seeping.

By using nasal strips will cure snoring by keeping open your nostrils which help you to breathe more easily. You should use a nasal strip for 6-7 nights for better results.

Changing your sleeping posture can also help you cure snoring problems. You should make it a habit on sleeping on your side as sleeping on your back can cause you snoring problems.

Snoring sprays which are commonly know as throat sprays coats the soft tissue of your throat. It is recommended to not to eat or drink for 30 minutes before and after using the throat spray.

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