Mom Snoring

What is snoring?

Snoring is the act of producing unpleasant sound in a high or soft tone of sound while sleeping. The root cause of snoring is vibration in the respiratory structure, which causes obstruction in the air movement while sleeping. During sleeping the muscles, which are at the back of the throat, relax, due to which the air passage is partly blocked due to the structures known as soft palate. The structures of the snoring are generally of the uvula and the soft plate.

Do women snores more than men?

There is a possibility of Women snoring as loudly as men do. Women snore more loudly with the increasing of age. In comparison with women men sleep much more soundly.

Mom Snoring

Snoring crates a great deal of problems and increases the stress for many women. Snoring is also a cause of a great deal of embarrassment. Snoring gives them a great deal of problems and makes them uncomfortable.

Usually the with the increasing age snoring also increases. Usually snoring starts from the age 35 onwards. Many day-to-day changes in the lifestyles also cause snoring. Snoring is just a nuance but it is also one the most acute problems.

According to the Swedish there is a risk factor for high blood pressure and delivering smaller babies due to habitual snoring during the time of pregnancy. The incidence of high blood pressure, preeclampsia, abnormal accumulation of fluid in the tissues, and weight gain is most common for the habitual snores.

A condition which is associated with the pregnancy is High blood pressure and preeclampsia. This conditon is associated pregnancy is that which involves a high blood pressuse, increase in the amount of the proteins in the blood, proteins in the urine is developed in the snorers. Around the world may great scientist have showed the link between increasing snoring rate and pregnancy. Futhur studies have reveled the connection between a connection between avdverse effect of the snoring of the mother with the high blood pressuer.

Snoring in women also causes diruptions in breating. It causes sleep apnea which is related to the stopping of the breath. Smoking habits also affects the snoring habits, and causes ill-effects during pregnancy. Women who have habitual snoring gain more weight duing pregnency in comparision with the non-snoring pregnant women. The snorer pregnant women experience more tetention in the fluid.

The mothers who are habitual snorers are considered small for the gestational age at birth. During sleeping the consequences of increased upper airway resistance leads toa possibilty to affect the fetus. It also supports the relationship between intrauterine growth retardation and sleep apnea.

Babies of habitual snoring moms may have a retadation in their growth and have face problems in the delay of their entire growth. These babies are smaller than the other average babies.

According to the various research, the habitual snorer faces problems of obstruction in the airways during the night times contributes to the increase of high blood pressure and preeclampsia in pregnancy.

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