What is snoring?

Snoring is basically making unpleasing noises at night times during sleeping which is caused due to obstruction of the free flow in the air we breathe. The obstruction is caused in the passage, which is at the back of the mouth and the nose, which ultimately does not allow the proper flow of the air during breathing. The area where the flow of the air is not proper is the collapsible part of the airway where the upper throat and the tongue meet the uvula and the soft plate. Due to snoring these structures strike against each other, which results in vibrations.

Snoring cannot be taken as a light problem it is a very serious problem. Snoring causes many disorders, it affects the women during the pregnancy, it also causes sleepless nights and a person becomes very uncomfortable. Snoring also causes problems like sleep apnea.

Some of the causes of snoring are mentioned below

Structural cause: Snoring may be caused due to problems like narrow jaws, having large tongue, enlarged tonsils, adenoids which are enlarged, thick soft palate, crooked septum or even small nasals. Snoring is caused due to the tongue and the upper throat meet the uvula and the soft palate resulting in blockage of the air we breathe.

Outside causes: it includes all the factors, which affect the individual externally, however these are controllable. These factors include Allergies, consumption of alcohol, sedatives, and excessive and regular smoking, disruption of the normal sleep patterns, decrease in the lung capacities and irregular lifestyle.

However, there are remedies available, dental implants are available, drug and natural remedies are also available.

Sleep Apnea: When Snoring in a loud tone is broken up by frequent episodes, which totally obstruct the breathing, this kind of obstruction is known as Sleep Apnea. Some of the recorded serious episodes have lasted for hen seconds and these episodes occur more than seven times per hour. The people who are affected with Apnea experience such episodes 30 to 300 per nights. These episodes are very threat full for the individuals, these episodes create disorders, elevated blood pressures and even enlargement of heart may occur.

Muscle tine of the tongue: The muscle of the tongue and the soft palate tends to reduce during sleeping. These muscles of the tongue become more relaxed and which finally results in their collapse. This is a major cause, which contributes to snoring. The soft tissues like the tonsils and tongue, which produces sounds, that change as well as affect the quality of snoring. Snoring is also affected by the position of sleeping. When your laying on the back your tongue falls towards the throat and results in the blockage of the airway this too contributes to snoring.

Blockage of airway: Blocking of the airway results in obstruction, which ultimately leads to snoring. In children primary cause of snoring is enlargement of tonsils and adenoids.

Age and other factors: Age is also one of the factors, which contributes to snoring. In old age the muscles become weaker which results in more amount of snoring.

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