What is scrapbooking?

For preserving a bequest of written history, Scrapbooking is one of the best methods used. The history written may actually be in the form of photographs, printed media or memorabilia in a nicely decorated albums or even scrapbooks. The idea of scrapbooking came into practice after the discovery of printing. Scrapbooking help to store information of mostly personal interest.

History and overview of scrapbook

In ancient times hypomnemata was a form of note book used in Greece. This note was generally used to hold recordings of one's copy of what that person has heard, said, thought. The note book used to be written in the own handwriting of the individual and it was like a replica of that person. With the invention of printing the contents in this book were shifted form hand written material to printed material which helped the individual to express him self in a much better way. Now a day's printing scrapbooking has become a business.

Scrapbooking provided the individuals with an excellent blend of journaling and memorabilia. There was a substantial growth in the use of scrapbooking after the printing material was available to common man. Thomas Jefferson and Mark Twain were some of the earliest and very famous American scrapbookers.

Photos in the scrapbooking were used when the photographs were available to common man. The scrapbooks used in ancient times mostly included material like newspaper cuttings, letters etc. Photos used to be mounted with photomount corners and notations of the person who was in the photo in the old scrapbooks. The old scrapbooks also had the location o the photo taken. Creative and attractive photos, text, journal and memorabilia are displayed in the modern scrap bookings.

As years passed scrapbooking became more and more famous. Scrapbooking helped the people to keep their memories in a fully creative way. Scrapbooking industries also came up. Scrapbooking showed a new way to store their memories.

Due to the ever growing scrapbooking, people started coming up with more number of ideas for the preservations of their memories. Scrapbooking also gave a chance for the people to show and use their creative skills. Web-sites for the commercial sale of scrapbooking started developing by the ever growing use of scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking also came up as a hobby for most of the people. Stores for the sell of scrapbooking came up. Scrapbooking became a business for many people with the years more number of industries came up. Major number of craft supplies stores came up with the increasing popularity of scrapbooking. Scrapbooking not only became a hobby but also a popular way to make gifts for special occasions and also for weddings. People even stared hiring a professional scrapbooker for making scrapbooks for special occasion like weddings.

A number of scrapbooking magazines have been published, some coming up with creative Keepsakes and Simple Scrapbook ideas. The sales of these magazines reached high volumes. These helped boost sales - ands till do- so much that even an online community named "scrapping celebrities" was started. Many numbers of scrappers of all age are coming up with the ever-growing fame of Scrapbooks.

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