Scrapbooking Techniques

Scrapbooking can be defined as an activity of preserving memorabilia and legacy through notebooks called scrapbooks. The person puts down his thoughts, ideas and feelings in the scrapbook and decorates it in a cheery and beautiful manner. The whole idea of a scrapbook is to create a visually attractive book whereby, a person can combine his thoughts and ideas with a touch of beauty and glamour. Instead of keeping a mundane daily diary or journal, one can make a cheerful scrapbook.

Today's digital age has taken over almost every walk of life. Scrapbooking is no exception to this occurrence. Digital scrapbooking is now rampant and is serving as a tech-savvy way of keeping a scrapbook. Printers, scanners and desktop publishing have all taken scrapbooking by a storm. The internet is providing the scrapbookers with a wide range of scrapbooking options and aims to accrue the benefits of online scrapbooking in the dozens of social networking websites available before us.

Scrapbooking is now a commercial activity. It has lots its small-scale status and is expanding by the day. Scrapbooking has evolved greatly over the past few years and this has given rise to an interesting variety of scrapbooking techniques. A scrapbooking technique is not something that fits in a set mould. In fact, all of us can devise our own scrapbooking techniques. But certain techniques pertaining to the various aspects of scrapbooking are truly beneficial.

Various websites outsource scrapbooking techniques. Some books have been compiled for the same. The whole process of scrapbooking is a great learning process and we can find discover interesting techniques whilst making a scrapbook. We can share these with our friends and learn some techniques from them. But all in all, certain standard techniques can prove advantageous to our scrapbooks in many ways.

The first most important aspect of scrapbooking is the choice of paper. A variety of paper that has a long life is sturdy and acid-free should be preferably chosen. Thereafter, one should design a plan for scrapbooking. All the materials to be used in the scrapbook should be carefully planned and selected. We should have a clear idea of the entire design of our scrapbook. The correct variety of pens, inks, stencils and embossing material should be used.

Most sources outsourcing scrapbooking techniques emphasize on the need for creating an index page or highlight pages to locate them properly. Special pages should be decorated in special colors and symbols should be designed for such pages. Bookmarks with tassels can do wonders to your scrapbook. Tassels can be used in various areas of your scrapbook.

Decoration is perhaps the most important aspect of scrapbooking. Most sources outsourcing scrapbooking techniques suggest the need for choice of the right type of decoration. Decoration should be chosen carefully and should be minimal but sufficient. Too much of decoration can make your scrapbook look gaudy and overdone. Stamps, ribbons, embellishments, stickers, rub-ons, snow globes etc can add a dramatic touch to your scrapbooks, provided they are chosen carefully and used appropriately.

Pop-up pages for your albums, papers pierced with interesting trinkets, peek-a-boo pages, punch craft, panoramic pages, layering etc can do wonders to your scrapbook. The world of scrapbooking techniques is huge and diverse. You can explore some of these to add a touch of versatility to your scrapbooks.

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