Scrapbooking Sympathy Cards

Everyone is indulging in Scrapbooking! This activity had humble beginnings in form of 'hyponemata', a notebook in which Grecians expressed their thoughts, ideas and feelings in ancient Greece. The activity was the earliest from to blend memorabilia, ephemera and journaling. Today, Scrapbooking is no more a simplistic activity of keeping a journal. It has a commercial aspect and is expanding its horizons by the day. Briefly, Scrapbooking today is defined as an activity where thoughts and feelings are expressed in a scrapbook which is decorated in a beautiful manner.

The commercial growth of Scrapbooking has led to a huge availability of Scrapbooking supplies. These include scrapbooks and albums, paper, photo frames, photo corners, templates, rubber stamp-ons, sequins, embellishments, eyelets, snow globes, rub-ons, chalk-ons, paper trimmers, archival pens, art pens, cards, idea books, memory kits, quote books, ribbons, totes and organizers etc. All of them are manufactured by several brands and are available in several types. All of these have become integral components of Scrapbooking.

Digital media has expanded the dimensions of Scrapbooking. Scanners, printers, desktop publishing, internet etc are used in digital Scrapbooking. All of these have gained great amount of popularity in the last few years. Online Scrapbooking is another interesting option in the world of Scrapbooking. It serves as an important aspect for the hundreds of social networking sites which are mushrooming all over the place. Scrapbooking has found its own special place in the tech world.

Many times our near and dear ones go through crises and turbulence. Some lose their special ones while some separate from their dear people. Some undergo crucial medical treatments, while some lose power and perspective. Scrapbooking sympathy cards are the perfect option for paying condolences or expressing grief over someone else's loss. If our friends face turbulent situations, we can give them Scrapbooking sympathy cards which they can paste in their respective scrapbooks.

Scrapbooking sympathy cards have pictorial representations which express sympathy for someone's grief. Some these carry pictures of Christ, benevolent angels, peace symbols etc. Sympathy cards have messages and quotes on their insides. Some of these have blank spaces where you can write your sympathy messages. Some of the most appropriate sympathy messages include:

"Said a wise man to one in deep sorrow: I did not comfort you, only God can do that; but I did come to say how deeply and tenderly I feel for your affliction" - Tyron Edwards.

"Our deepest sympathies during your time of loss. Please know that we are here for you".

"A loved one that has finished their life on earth is not dead, their life has just begun. They are still with us in spirit. That you must believe".

You can take help of sympathy books or avail to online tips for writing a sympathy card if you don't feel you are adept enough at writing a sympathy card. Scrapbooking sympathy cards can be easily incorporated in our online scrapbooks. We can send these to our friends who have their own online scrapbooks.

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