Scrapbooking Snow Globe

For a person keeping a scrapbook; seeing a book with a beautifully decorated cover, pages full of thoughts, emotions and quotes all accentuated with beautiful photos and other decoration like embellishments and ribbons, after a long time is an absolute delight. Scrapbooking is indeed a magical activity. It has cast its spell over millions all over. The whole idea of Scrapbooking is to preserve cherished memorabilia and leave a scope for nostalgia. It is an interactive technique as it uses beautiful decorations and several other devices.

Scrapbooking is an ancient activity that got its due popularity after the art of printing evolved. Thomas Jefferson and Mark Twain are probably the most famous people who indulged in Scrapbooking. Previously; paper, stencils, felt pens, stamps, templates, cut-outs etc were all predominant in the activity. More recently, digital media like scanners, printers etc have created for themselves a special place in the world of Scrapbooking. The basic medium (papers, pens etc) combined with the digital medium are working wonders in the whole field of Scrapbooking.

Decoration, if not the most is a very important aspect of Scrapbooking. The aim of Scrapbooking is to create a visual impact. Its entire focus lies on the visual medium for making the activity of Scrapbooking exciting and interesting. Photos, albums, magazine cut-outs and embellishments like stickers, ribbons, stamps, brads, rub-ons, and chipboard elements all add color and beauty to scrapbooks. They arouse the writer's interest in the entire process of Scrapbooking.

Commercial production of Scrapbooking decoration material has led to the manufacture of several new products all useful in the process of Scrapbooking. Snow Ball is one such product that is gaining quick popularity today. Scrapbooking snow ball involves incorporation of various snow-ball pictures, stickers, photos, quotes and other embellishments in your scrapbooks. Snow ball products depict autumn and snow-fall in various forms. They use pictures like maple leafs, falling snow, Christmas trees, snow birds etc to represent autumn.

Scrapbooking snowball is an exciting decoration material for your scrapbooks. A snow ball is a round glass globe with pictures and artifacts mostly relegating to snow and autumn affixed from inside. All the components are arranged in the snow ball in a way that the whole picture, sights and scenes can be seen inside the snow ball. Scrapbooking snow ball involves mostly the use of snow ball pictures, stickers, stamps and other decorations which can be pasted on a flat surface as it is practically impossible to affix a globe in a diary or on a sheet of paper.

But many take the concept of snow ball too seriously. Some of those keeping a scrapbook actually love to keep snow globes as a part of their scrapbooks. They don't affix these globes on the books, but consider it a part of their scrapbooks. They decorate the globes with personal quotes and feelings against the background of snow.

Scrapbooking snow ball is now very popular, courtesy the thousands of stores which sell snow ball merchandise. Several websites outsource a variety of snow ball merchandise. They cater to a larger audience all over. So now you can go fiesta with the several options available in Scrapbooking snowball.

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