Scrapbooking Quotes

As we all can see, the practice of Scrapbooking is quite a rage today. It has spread like wild fire all over. We see everyone around us indulging in this vibrant art. Scrapbooking can be called an art which employs the visual medium to preserve thoughts, ideas, feelings and memorabilia. The main focus of Scrapbooking is to create an impact through the visual medium. It uses several art and craft forms to do so. When a person surfs through his scrapbook after several years, it serves as an interesting read for him.

The art of Scrapbooking has had its origin long back. In ancient Greece, people preserved their thoughts, feelings, ideas, emotions and daily routine in notebooks called 'hyponemata'. Commonplace notebooks which are a recent concept are also quite popular in preservation of thoughts and feelings. They are a concept allied to that of the scrapbook. The most famous people who maintained scrapbooks were Mark Twain and Thomas Jefferson.

Words and expressions are used in scrapbooks. Another integral component of a scrapbook is that of quotes. Almost every person who keeps a scrapbook makes it a point to incorporate some good quotes in his scrapbook. In fact, the pre-requisite of a good scrapbook is inclusion of ample appropriate quotes. The quotes can belong to the famous personalities, writers or poets; or be the one writing a scrapbook himself. Scrapbooking quotes are the important essentials of your scrapbook.

Some may question the need of incorporation of good quotes in a scrapbook. A lot of justifications can be given for this. Basically, good quotes enrich the quality of your scrapbook. They help you through trials and tribulations of your life. For example a quote like 'When the going gets tough, the tough gets going' can inspire a person a person going through turbulent times rise fight the circumstances. It can give his life a mission, purpose or a will to fight. And when the good times roll, he can cherish such Scrapbooking quotes.

Some quotes are allied to a person's state of mind. One can relate to some particular quote while in a particular state of mind. And these quotes can serve as friends or guides when a person is alone. Including a good quote in your scrapbook can certainly improve the state of your mind to a great deal. And the words of the quote decorated in a beautiful manner create a powerful impact. Thoughtful words compiled with beautiful decoration in your scrapbook is a sure winner.

Scrapbooking quotes are available in books or can be searched online. Several books compile a good collection of quotes. Here are some interesting Scrapbooking quotes:

"A day without Scrapbooking is a day without sunshine- Anonymous"

"Every day of your life is a page of history".

"Things that were hard to bear are sweet to remember- Flavia"

"And remember, no matter where you go, there you are- Confucius"

"Do what you want, with what you have, where you are- Theodore Roosevelt"

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