Scrapbooking Layouts

What is scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is one the ancient method for the preservation of memory in the form of information. The information preserved may be in the form of photos, printed media, text, sticker's etc. Scrapbooking is basically used to store the personal information as a form of memory. Scrapbooking is used by people of all age and scrapbooking is developing rapidly. Scrapbooking has also laid the foundation of creativity skills for the people, scrapbooking gives the people a chance to enhance and show their creativity skills.

Some of the useful tips for scrapbooking layouts are listed below

A scrapbook is just not merely a photo album with stickers but it a visual recording of the various experience faced in life. Scrapbooking is a way of communication with the generations to come.

* The first thing the user should keep in mind is of the color matches and combinations. A proper layout should be though for the main photos. Own focal point should be designated by choosing the main photo in the scrapbook. The center of attraction of the scrapbook should be observed and selected. After the selection is complete the user should choose the appropriate supplementary which supports the photographs.

* In a group of three or five accents and small embellishments should be placed.

* Related accents should be placed closely in proximity. This will help to make it more attractive.

* Triangles should be created in the page of the scrapbook and photos should be placed on each triangle this will enhance the layout looks of the scrapbooks.

* In the multiple of two sessions should be created. Two or four sessions are created in general. However for more pleasing look three or five sessions should be created.

* "Rule of Thirds" plays a important part in the layout and it should be applied. The page where you want the layout should not be simply though as a page but should be though as a grid, which is divided into thirds vertically and horizontally.

* A proper balance between the sizes of the elements must be maintained. Size and complexity of the elements must be maintained. A proper distribution must be made in the layout.

* The photographs must be placed in such an order that it will give you a natural sense of flow. The photos must be placed in such a way that they should be pleasing to your eyes. The photos should look attractive and should add a spark to your scrapbook.

* For a better layout to your scrapbook there should be frequent repetition of shapes, textures, sizes, colors and other such attributes.

* The sketching plays a vital role in the scrapbook. The favorite layouts in the books and the scrapbook magazines should be sketched. Think which design will be best suited for making your scrapbook more lively and creative. Try to avoid those designs which do not have proper color combinations. Use those designs which suit the color of your scrapbook.

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