Scrapbooking Layout Ideas

What is scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is one of the ancient methods for preservation of data in the form of information. Scrapbook is just not a mere form of notebook but it is a, but it is a book which contains information which is very precious to the people. It contains information in the form of photos, text, stickers etc. Scrapbook involves lots of creativity and attractiveness. Scrapbooks are reflection of the creativity skills of the individuals. Now a day with the advent of technology digital scrapbooking is coming in picture.

Ideas for the layout of the scrapbooking

* In the older scrapbooks photos were mounted on the corners of the quotations. The photos used to have a border to make it more attractive. To add more liveliness to the scrapbook pages used to have a memorabilia attached to them.

* To add more glamour to your scrapbook borders your scrapbook with attractive designs of medium size. Precaution should be taken that the pictures or the photos do get covered due to the borders.

* For a better layout use good color combinations. If not used a proper color combination the scrapbook will look shabby and its attractiveness.

* The layout should be such that it should be pleasing to ones eyes.

* It's always important to use high quality materials for the layouts as your scrapbook is a treasure of your memories.

* Always use those materials which are acid free as the colors or the decorations may fade over after certain time if used an acidic material.

* Using color pencils will help you to add a spark to your layout and will help to boost the creativity.

* The layout of the scrapbook should be such that it will bring a pleasant smile in your face as you go through your sweet memories.

* Try to make the borders more attractive with the help of stickers or rubber stamps. In case of rubber stamps try making use of the same stamp with variety of colors. Even the use of stencil will help.

* Even you can border your main photos or pictures with multicolor pencils and make the use of sparklers to highlight it.

* If you have pasted dark color pictures or photos or you have written text in bold letter then you should go for background colors. But use only light shades preferably by pencils. Don't make the use of the bright colors, the scrapbook will look shabby and untidy.

* Try pasting good quality pictures which will help to enhance the look of your scrapbook.

* Give your 100 % creativity skills while making a scrapbook.

* Make use of good phrases or most of the people also have a habit of writing the dates and the place where they have taken the photos pasted in the scrapbook.

* Think of unique ideas and implement them to make your scrapbook look more attractive and pleasing to your eyes.

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