Scrapbooking Ideas

What is scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is one of the methods for the preservation of memory in the form of information. This information is in the form of photos, pictures, text, stickers etc. Scrapbooking involves lot of creativity. Scrapbooking is not just basically a note-book but it is also a preservation of all the movements the precious and much more...

Ideas and tips for scrapbooks

* The first thing the user should remember in mind is that the scrapbook is a replica of your self.

* The person should put all his / her creativity skills. The person before creating a scrapbook should keep in mind about the size, the number of pages, the amount of materials to be required and the physical aspects for making a perfect a perfect scrapbook.

* If scrapbook is looked as a hobby the user can put more creativity in making the scrapbook.

* Color combinations plays a crucial role I the color combinations is not proper the scrapbook looks shabby and untidy. The proper colors which match your scrap book should be used.

* Appropriate enhance the quality of scrapbooks, it helps the scrapbooks to be more glittery and adds a spark to your scrapbook.

* The use of proper borders is also one of the most important aspects for the formation of an attractive scrapbook. Borders can be made attractive with the help of materials like stickers, stamps or even stencils. The main photos in the scrapbooks should be highlighted or decorated with different color pencils or multi-colored pencils. There should be two borders made in the scrapbook one should be thin while the other should be a bit wider than the other.

It should be kept in mind that the borders play a vital role n the scrapbook, the borders help to add spark in your scrapbook.

* The photos in the scrapbook should be placed in a proper order. The order of photos plays an important role in one's scrapbook. The order should be such that it should be pleasing to the eyes. Proper flow of the photos makes the scrapbook more realistic.

* The related accents should be placed correctly this will help to add a spark to your scrapbooks.

* Photos and stickers should be pasted in the form of triangles this will make the scrapbook more pleasing.

* The scrapbooks should be divided in multiple-sessions this enhance the looks of your scrap book.

* The principal of "Rule of Thirds" should be kept in mind while the formation of the scrapbook. This will help to enhance the quality of your scrapbook.

* For a better attractive feature in the scrapbook the stickers or the stamps used should be repeated.

* Sketching of the important photos should be done this will help to boost the looks of the scrapbook.

* The scrapbooks is classified in the form of three or five accents.

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