Scrapbooking Catalog Request

Scrap booking is a method of preserving printed documents in the form of albums. It is possible to request a scrap booking catalog online. The catalog has lots of colorful features and you can add all your favorites in the scrap book.

Generally a scrap booking catalog contains about 500 stamp designs and number of card ideas that you can use to keep your memories in an exciting way.

The stamp designs in scrap booking catalogs include flowers, birds, horses, spring etc. There are separate stamp designs for expressing thank you, sympathy, get well, mother's day, fathers day, wedding day and much more.

Scrap booking catalog requests can be made to receive scrap tools like acrylic block set, rubber scissors, knife, blades, paper trimmer, and circle scissors. You can get this from online or other stores and use them to make scrap booking stamp design. Acrylic block set comes in various sizes. This set allows you to do any craft work to make some wonderful design. Rubber scissors allow you to do paper cutting. The blades are very sharp and so you can do your work easily. Knife has 5 replacement blades and you can cut any shape. Paper trimmer cuts any light weight paper with correct measurements. The circle scissors help you to cut the exact circle shape which you may find difficult to cut with normal scissors.

The heartfelt creations allow you to get catalog for 420 and you can get rubber images worth $ 30 absolutely free. The catalog contains various products. The sentiment sets include appreciation, greetings, in laws, parents, grand parents etc. You can also get curved greetings and mini message sets. The message sets are having slightly curved rubber images with white background and black letters.

There are separate scrap sets for various relations in the scrap booking catalog. You can get the catalog for your father, mother, sister, brother, wife\husband, niece, and nephew and so on. You can also get the alphabet sets that have deeply carved rubber images in white background with black imprinted letters. You can also get the background shades by placing a catalog request.

Apart from this you have number of options that will allow you to select and use designs and tools. The scrap booking catalog request can be made online. The scrap booking catalog request will help you to find exactly what you want and you can get information about new scrap booking products in the market without spending more money and time. You can place your catalog request in many ways. If you purchase some scarp booking designs or tools from a supplier then he will send you the new scrap booking catalogs regularly.

You can also request a free copy of ascrap booking catalog online by filling a subscription card in the scrap booking club. This will minimize your expenses. There are number of scrap booking catalogs. You can compare the quality and prices and then you can order for any scrap booking design and tools. Scrap booking catalog contains designs for every special occasions. The catalog will help you to select the tools, techniques and designs to scrap book in an excellent way.

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