Scrapbooking Boders

What is Scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is basically one way to store information, be it in any of several forms: in the form of photos, text, cuttings from various source like newspapers, magazines etc. The information stored is a form of preservation of memories for the users. Scrapbooks are not simply the regular notebooks but they are very special books which are decorated by the individual as per his /her creativity skills to store special information as a form of memory.

Here are some ideas for Scrapbook Borders

Borders can be used in many ways; for example, then can be used around the entire page or around photos or stickers pasted in the Scrapbook. Proper borders help you to improve the looks of your scrapbooks and helps to ad glitter to your scrapbook.

For simple borders, stickers can be pasted as borders. But the stickers should not hide your photos. The stickers should be narrow and should cover most of the paper from the border. A ruler will help to overcome this problem. A ruler should be used for drawing two strait lines around the entire the entire page. Scrapbooks pens having different widths and colors should be used to create a square shaped border. One line should be made thin while the other should be made a little much wider than the previous one. After done with the borders scatter the stickers on top of the border. Rubber stamps can also be used as an alternative to stickers. The stamp used with different colors will make the border more creative.

Rubber stamps also help to make some great creative borders. A medium size stamp should be preferred for the borders. A vertical line down the page should be created down the page. This will look much better rather than the entire border around the entire page. After the border is done each stamp of several of colors should be colored by multi-color pencils, this will help your scrapbook look more attractive. After that a square-line border should be created around the photos with pencils of various colors.

Another alternative for making the border is to use stencils. For making your scrapbook more attractive, wavy-lined stencils should be used along with pens. Die cuts can be created with the help of shaped stencils and with the help of exacto knives. In order to create names on the top of those die cuts lettered stencils should be used. However the use of the border should be used only on one side or across top and bottom.

To add more glitter to your borders, cut vellum in squares and string its pieces together with a ribbon pasted on the back. Stamp On the top of the or on the vellum; this will make the border more attractive. For a more unique look tare the vellum from one side and tear all the other vellums on the similar sides. This will add a spark of glamour to your scrapbook and will make it more attractive.

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