Beginner Scrap Booking

Scrap booking is an addiction but it is healthy addiction. When you see a friend's scrap book you will feel bored with your plain photo albums. Then you think about what you can do. You may have a specific idea or you may be confused with lot of idea. Hence it is difficult to decide. Once decided the subject, you will start searching the material for that.

If you get perfect information about the sources of these things you will be enthusiastic to carry on your scarp book. Beginner scrap booking is not difficult today as there are many websites giving information about the scrap booking.

The basic thing you must remember s that you can do scrap booking though you may not be an artist. It is desire which counts than the skill. To keep your enthusiasm up, your fist scrap book should be simple and small. You will need only few basic things like scissors, glue, few pieces of colored paper and a simple album. Day by day you will improve your skill of decorating the scrap book.

Scrap books tells a story. So it should be arranged in such a manner that it will give nice presentation of the central idea. Mostly the photos or the clippings of the drawings are arranged in a system or sequence. In case of photos they are arranged date wise. They may be starting from the current most and ending at past one or vice versa.

Once you have decided the subject for scrap book you must decide the method of sorting. Suppose you are preparing a family album then you have to decide whether to present the photos of each individual separately or to show the photos as per the important events and occasions. You have to sort them accordingly. Then you have to select the central photo. This has to be decorated nicely. Photos will be impressive if they have photo mat.

While preparing your first project you are beginner and hence you are the only judge of your scrap book. When you will be satisfied with your work, it will be definitely nice. After completing the scrap book you will feel the satisfaction of fulfillment. But before that you can experiment with the different layouts of presenting the scrapings.

Then you have to add some simple color papers to each photo. Once you have fixed it then it is time to write down something about every photo. This writing gives meaning to your scrap book hence you should write your feelings in your crisp language and in short. The emotions of photos are explained to tell the story.

Simplicity is best thing to start with your first scrap book. But the few colored paper strips, stamps or stickers may give your scrap book a nice and artistic look. It should not be too much.

After you have decided everything you should start pasting the photos and writing. Then you should give your personal touch with few striking additions of paper and other things. Don't do any analysis of your first scrap book. Just look it as a first experiment.

You will be inspired to continue with the other scrap book and this time you are experienced.

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