Ways To Increase Gas Mileage

If you are buying a new or buying a used car, then you must consider some facts to help with improving your mileage. Then try to purchase a good fuel-efficient vehicle. Therefore to calculate the mileages of the vehicle make use of the car fuel calculator. Along with these things you also have to check the amount of the money required to save annually by choosing a car which have the lower horse power.

There are some steps which will help you to increase the mileage of your car. These steps are as follows:

Instead of starting the car by warming up, just cold-start it and go . This will help you in increasing the mileage of your car. Always try to drive in the top gear which is possible for the speed with which you are driving. While driving engine of the car must not be in whining position it means that the gear must not be too low or it must not be in the stalling position in which the selected gear is too high.

Rapid acceleration and heavy or sudden use of the break will also affect the mileage. Avoiding this you will be able to save the money on the damages and the breaking system of the engine.

By limiting the speed and keeping this speed constant as you can possible will help you in increasing the mileage. This is because car will need fuel as it reaches the speed around 60 miles per miles. And when it will exceed this speed it will need less fuel.

In the traffic jam or in case if you wanted stay some where for few minutes then do switch off the engine it will also help in increasing the mileage. Do not put the air conditioner on until and unless it is needed.

The next thing that can improve the mileage of the car is tuning of the engine. This is because if the engine is not tune well then what ever you will save with the fuel that much you have to spend with in tuned engine.

While following these things you have to take care of fuel even which is also helpful. For that regularly change and filter the oil and use only that oil which the manufacturer has specified. Old and impure oil will increase the fuel consumption. You have to verify the air filter for dust accumulation. If this filter is clogged then it will not provide the required air for the combustion.

These are the steps required to increase the mileage of the vehicle.

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