Motorhome Gas Mileage

Today, everybody it seems is concerned about the sharp rise in the prices of the fuels and gas in particular. The instant reaction of people is to find out the ways to cut fuel costs and have vehicles that give better gas mileages. A motor home is a vehicle in which a trailer is attached to a truck. The trailer, in the interior is made to resemble the rooms of our comfortable house in a slightly more compact environment. People who live and travel in Motor Homes should always try to maintain their vehicles gas mileage

As the motor home is bigger in size, it consumes more fuel than an average car or an SUV. Moreover, the trailer attached to the rear of the truck is made to look like a real home with nearly all the appliances and equipments. Thus, the trailer has a lot of weight and large amounts of power is wasted in running the motor home that naturally takes its toll on the mileage of the vehicle.

Whenever you speak of using a motor home for a vacation or errands like that in front of a few people, the most common reaction is the question how you can afford to drive a motor home. But to think rationally, this reaction may be wrong. Just think about you using a motor home for a vacation yet you may be pleasantly surprised. If you are a person who loves to take his motor home for a finding a great destination for a vacation every summer, then you may be surprised to see how few mile you have actually traveled using the motor home. Most motor homes give an average mileage of around 8 miles per gallon.

For example: If your destination is 100 miles away and you travel around 12 weekends in summer then you will travel only 100 x 2 x 12 i.e. 2400 miles on your motor home. The increase in cost is only $32.31 per trip and only $463.61 for the year. The projection may be in error because the cost of the gas is always fluctuating. Therefore, would you like to leave your motor home that provides you with so much comfort enjoyment and freedom for just $463.61?

For efficient and economic running of your motor home, the following is some information that will help you to get better output from your motor home.

To get better mileage without spending money for modifications: You must first make sure that your motor home is running well by testing the chassis on a dynamometer. You can also get fuel to air ratio checked. You must also make sure that the air pressure on tires is as recommended. You must also drive slower with gradual starts and stops.

The best speed for fuel economy of a motor home: As you increase your speed your speed, the mileage will drop steadily, because of the increase in resistance of the air as well as the weight of the vehicle. So the slower the speed of the vehicle the better will be its mileage. Hence you must maintain your speed between 50 and 55.

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