How To Figure Gas Mileage

We have often heard people whining about their vehicles that are always giving less mileage. These unsatisfied car users then end up changing their regular fuel stations and they finally change the vehicles! However, you don't need to take such drastic measures even if your automobiles are not giving the satisfactory performances. If you know how to figure out the intricacies of gas mileage, then you will be able to enjoy your vehicles' full potential.

Gas mileage is the distance traveled by a vehicle to the amount of gasoline burned. A gas pump will help us keep the record of how much gas we filled but it will not help us know hoe much distance we traveled in the gas we filled.

Let us see how to outline gas mileage:

* Keep a records book (a separate book in which you can write your car's details- mileage etc.) Let this book be kept in the car so that you don't misplace it.

* Keep the fueling stations it for the first three times, as you can get the perfect reading after first three fueling. And keep the place same so when you change the brand it will be easy to note the change.

* Position the knob on the speedometer to zero after the fill up.

* Drive till the fuel tank gets empty. And note the figure of the distance on the odometer.

* Refill the tank and note down how much quantity you refilled.

* Now you have the quantity of fuel you just purchased and also the distance traveled.

* Calculate the mileage from the numbers you have. Example: You traveled 200 miles and filled 20 gallons, so divide 20 by 200. The result answer you get is the distance you traveled per gallon.

Tips to increase the mileage:

* Maintain you vehicle by observing even the smallest annoyances your car.

* Keep the air pressure in the tires as suggested.

* Let the air filter be clean, change it if it is dirty or old.

* * Use the air conditioner of your car as minimal as possible .

* Drive at a continuous speed and avoid unnecessary speeding and braking.

* Take the simpler road in case driving in traffic.

* Keep the cars tuning uniform.

* Get the condition of the spark plugs checked from a mechanic and fix up the proper position if not proper.

* If driving on a highway reduce it than the speed in which you drive in the city.

* Speed up slowly if you have completely stopped and taking speed.

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