Gas Mileage Ratings

Gas mileage rating will help you to select a vehicle that will give you more mileage. However the actual mileage will vary according to your riving habits.

Gas mileage ratings for trucks and SUVs are provided every year so as to determine the fuel economy of each vehicle. Normally the SUVs will be divided into two categories in order to determine the efficiency of the vehicle. Such separation includes City SUVs and High way SUVs. Like wise the Trucks are also divided as City, High way and combined for taking Gas mileage ratings

You can decide which SUVs and trucks give good gas mileage from the ratings. You can view the Top 9 SUVs with the best fuel economy ratings in the internet. The small and mid size SUVs that gets better gas mileage along with other benefits of such vehicles are provided by Gas mileage ratings. The number 1 SUV in 2005 rating is Honda CR-V the gas mileage ratings for this vehicle are 21- 23 mpg in the city and 26-28 on the high way

Now US Government implements new gas mileage ratings for testing 2008 model cars. This new test is designed to measure the fuel economy of the vehicle accurately. This new test also considers the driving speed and driver characteristics.

The gas mileage ratings will reflect the effects of fast acceleration and speed, Use of Air condition and colder outer temperature. The new test lowers the MPG rating for more vehicles. You can get the old and new ratings for any model of vehicle from internet.

Hybrid cars gas mileage ratings are provided based on new tests that consider real world driving habits. Therefore fuel economy average dropped by 10 to 20 % than the old ratings.

Highway gas mileage ratings will also help to find the miles per gallon for all vehicles. You can also view the best gas mileage Trucks in 2007 with the help of rating.

Mini vans are used by more people because they fit their budget. However the high mpg mini vans are limited. Gas mileage ratings for mini van and van reveal that egg shaped minivans are comparatively aero dynamic than boxy SUVs. Ford s max is the best mileage mini van in 2007 according to the ratings.

The Environment Protection Agency announced a way to calculate fuel economy for new cars and trucks this year. It will help to calculate fuel economy accurately based on real life experience of American drivers. This agency plans to have new calculations that will drop 10 to 30 % in fuel efficiency rating of old ones. This will help to save 20 % of annual oil imports in US.

MPGomatic gas mileage calculator will help to calculate your gas mileage. It helps you to compare two sets of gas mileage quickly and easily. It is a handy machine which will allow you to see the savings you can get when you switch to fuel efficient vehicle. This machine helps you to find which car gives the most MPG. It is very easy to use.

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