Gas Mileage Improve

Most of the factors that affect the mileage of a car are in your hands. Thus, if your car is giving low mileage, don't worry. Just use the following tips. The tips are proven to work and can help you to increase the mileage of your car substantially

* You must always keep your car tuned up. Bad spark timing, bad spark plugs and incorrect ratio of fuel in the car can significantly affect the gas mileage of the car.

* Do not use the air conditioner of the car unless it is necessary. The compressor of the air conditioner put the extra sprain on the engine thereby reducing the mileage of the car.

* Always make sure that the tires of the car are properly inflated, that is, you must always check for the proper air pressure in the tires as recommended by the tire maker. A flat tire causes greater resistance and hence decreases the mileage.

* Avoid taking the congested routes and avoid taking those routes that has too much traffic and traffic signals.

* You must interact with other people who have the same type of car about the mileage they get with their cars. This may help you to know some common problem in the car.

* You must always use a recommended and good engine oil, most preferably standard oil or synthetic oil, which is treated with friction reducing oil additive. This is a major way of increasing mileage. It is known to have improved the fuel efficiency of cars up to 15%.

* You must reduce the weight of the vehicle as much as possible. You must get rid of the unnecessary and more specifically the heavy items in your car. This significantly raises the mileage of the car.

* You must always maintain you speed at 60 mph. this will improve the mileage of your car by over 25%.

* Avoid accelerating more than required while climbing a hill. This is because your engine is already striving hard for the overcoming the gravity. Accelerating puts extra strain on the engine of the car.

* You must use cruise control each time it is possible.

* When you start the air conditioning system, you must keep your windows closed. Open windows put more strain on the engine, this reduces the mileage significantly.

* You must remove the accessories like the luggage rack, etc. which hinder the aerodynamics of the car.

* Whenever possible you must use the fuel that has the octane level that is exactly as required by your vehicle. The owner's manuals prescribe specifically which octane level will suit you car more. You must not buy higher-octane fuel unless the engine of your car emits knocking sounds.

* You must beware of the claims about the mileage increasing gadgets. Some of these devices may damage the engines of the cars. This will make you incur more expenditure.

Follow these crucial tips to see your gas mileage improve right before your eyes.

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