Best Gas Mileage SUV

The SUV are commonly regarded as the flamboyant vehicles that consume lots of fuel. The rise in SUV drivers has been instrumental in increasing the cost of fuels. These sport utility vehicles uses large amounts of gas as fuel. We can categorize them as the trucks; though they do appear to be passenger cars. SUVs have always been high maintenance vehicles. You should follow some tips to get the best gas mileage from your SUV.

If we look towards the estimates given by the SUV gas mileage, then we will observe the impact of gas mileage of SUV on the market. Making the automobile industries reconsider the designs of this luxury vehicle to facilitate best gas mileage in an SUV.

In the year of 2007, the best gas mileage of SUV was from Ford Escape. This best mileage Sport Utility Vehicle is the front wheel drive version of the Ford Escape, which runs around 31 cities and the mileage is 29 highway miles per gallon. Where as four wheel drive version gives result for 28 cities and around 27 highways.

Another version of Escape that is The Mariner, Mercury's version, will give same mileage. All Ford and Mercury hybrid SUVs have four cylinder engines of around 2.3 liters, and are accompanied with CVT automatic transmission. This is a good start for the Ford as it is always searching to counterbalance estimates that are produced by the V-8s that are offered in journey and voyager.

Other vehicles that are tagging along with Ford are Lexus and Toyota. These two vehicle brands have a very high MPG pair of hybrid cousin. Lexus RX 400h with its two-wheel drive version and the version Toyota Highlander Hybrid both are having 3.3 liters of six cylinders engine to CVT automation will give result for 28 cities and 25 highway miles. Another version, which is 4WD of RX 400hand the highlander Hybrid is little less than this and claims to give the satisfaction of going around 27 cities and 25 highways using very little fuel.

All above mentioned estimates are of the Sports Utility Vehicles but some cars like Saturn Vue Hybrid shows these entire features in the general vehicles or motors which gives us a ride of about 23 cities and 29 highways. If we look towards the GMs history along with EV1 electric, we can expect lot more things in very short span of time. These all sport utilities vehicles described above are the best gas mileage sport utilities vehicles. These are made such as to consume less gas as fuel and hence they will give the high mileage. Best gas mileage you can get from an SUV will depend entirely on its manufacturer.

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