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What are the latest developments to be had from ACT Database Software?

In this article we will look at some of the latest developments for ACT! database software which has been developed by Sage.

Certainly some of the new and updated features of this CRM software is that it includes direct integration with Microsoft Outlook as well as providing the user with field level data security. It also now comes with new productivity and administration tools. Because of this the users of this software can work with it both on and offline and no matter whether they are using working on Windows or through the web they will have the same experience without any loss of functionality.

One of the latest developments to be had when using ACT! database software is that there is enhanced user productivity which includes split panel note preview and so allows the user to view the entire contents of a contact, group or company note while scrolling for another note. It also provides you with the ability to specify which fields are linked between the contact and company records and gives the user the ability to identify the date of the last e-mail which they sent to the contact from detail view. It also now provides the user with an advanced keyword search program making it much easier for the user to track all contents on their database.

A further new development that has been produced with ACT! 2007 is that is has a new security feature. This includes password expiration, password complexity and password reuse options. Also the field level security now restricts access by a user or a team and will grant read only access or no access at all to certain fields in the program. However, users can change security access to notes, history and opportunities en masse, but will not be able to change other aspects of the database.

Plus if you wish you can purchase add on functionalities such as communications, sales, marketing, mapping, help desk, synchronization, administrative and productivity functions which make it much easier for the user or the team to use. One such product is CompanionLink Express (by CompanionLink Software) which can synchronize ACT contact data with PDA's and smart phones this is especially good for a business where their staff is mobile and are away from the office for extended periods of time.

In this article we have provided only a number of the latest developments for ACT! 2007 that has been developed by Sage. But there are plenty of other developments relating to this product which may make it the fastest selling CRM software around today.