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Time To Upgrade My QuickBooks or PeachTree Software program?

Sage MAS 90 QuickBooks & PeachTree Users Edition makes the transition seamless and easily transports your data into Sage MAS 90 ERP. Once implemented, it won't take long before you realize why Sage MAS 90 is recommended by more CPAs than any other business management software in its class. Sage MAS 90 QuickBooks Users Edition is modular-based and will fit the needs of your business as it continues to grow.

QuickBooks and PeachTree are great accounting software programs for start-up businesses, but you may be experiencing a need for more users or to handle larger transactions if you are growing. There are some signs to look for that will let you know it may be time to upgrade your accounting software. They are:

You're using multiple software products to run front and back-of-office operations (i.e. QuickBooks or PeachTree along with Spreadsheets)

You're looking for specific features that are not offered in your current accounting/operational software (i.e. Inventory Management, Manufacturing, e-Commerce, Scheduling, Job Costs, Shipping, Payroll, Credit Card Processing, Customer Relationship Management, etc.)

You expect or want a growth in revenue, customer base, locations, and/or employees and your current system won t handle it

Your employees are unhappy with the current software because of double-entry, it's too hard to understand, it's too old, etc.

Some other everyday occurrences that may be a red flag also include an increase in overtime hours, having to take work home to complete it, use of post-it notes to help remember tasks and not being able to report and analyze your business operations. It may be time to consider the Sage MAS 90 Quickbooks Users Edition or Sage MAS 90 - PeachTree Users edition if you are experiencing any of the above issues.

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