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The Dream Indian Accountant

An The Dream Indian Accountant could be just the thing to bring you satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Along with medical and health related careers, accounting professionals are among the group of professions that are projected to see a lot of growth over the next few years.Graduates of four year accountancy programs are earning 3.7% more in terms of starting pay straight out of college. Master?s degree holders are seeing a 4% increase in starting pay over the last couple of years.

Let us try to figure out how an Indian accountant can become your dream accountant.

He will help you run your business smarter
He does more than just maintaining records. He is the one who knows the numbers which make or break your business. He can monotonously maintain data, but what comes out those numbers are important and your accountant is the best person to tell you what those numbers mean. He is not just your accountant, but also your analyst.

Want your business to be run smarter? Your dream accountant s brain is an economist, decision maker and a financial manager. He gives you the right advice at the right time.

He knows what you need to know
You don t have to wait for the accountant to tell you what you need to know. Even if it is not good news, he keeps you informed. Be it a bad decision that you have taken or a great opportunity that you could make use of, your dream accountant has a piece of advice for you and remember he talks with facts and figures.

He is your confidant
You are giving the keys of your business of your business and entrusting it to your accountant. This is where the accountant s character, reliability, commitment and values are important.

A dream accountant is the best confidant of a business man. He is not just an accountant who knows the accounting principles; but he is also a person with character.

He is your financial astrologer
He can foretell if your finances can go wrong. Let us put an emphasis on can go wrong . You definitely don t expect him to give you data after things have actually gone wrong .

He is proactive and makes sure things don t go wrong
If you love risks, he will tell you how to take a safe risk. He will make sure that you don t puncture the wheels of your business. And if it does get punctured, he has the spare ready to keep you going. Your dream accountant takes the role of a proactive problem solver whom you need at all phases of your business.

He tells you that even your dog kennel is eligible for tax deduction
Did you raise your eye brows? Yes, he knows these nitty gritties that can make a huge difference to your business. You might not be aware of details, but he will bring those to your notice. (And if you are in the US, of course you can claim tax deduction for your dog kennel)

He is your financial life partner Whenever you are looking for an accountant for your business, you need to analyze if he will serve your company for years together. An accountant is the person who knows in and out about your financial status and you would not like such a person to leave your company easily. So commitment is a quality which will make an accountant a credible long term asset.