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Call Accounting Comes To The Rescue In Dispute Resolution

The business case for call accounting has generally revolved around the traditional benefits of cost recovery, network analysis and contact center management. Many customers are finding a broader array of uses for the reporting metrics available through call accounting applications to satisfy other business objectives.

In unionized environments, it is imperative that management adheres to negotiated contracts. This includes notifying staff of available unscheduled overtime hours and calling staff based on seniority. Disputes can arise when proper procedures are not followed.

Without call detail records (CDR) and call accounting software, management and unions can only rely on information that is not backed with firm statistics, resulting in straining relationships, and potential loss of revenue through grievance procedures.

With call accounting software, union officials and managers can rely on concrete statistics to satisfy disputes and avoid grievances. Call accounting reports provide an unbiased mechanism that can determine if appropriate procedures were followed and the proper personnel were notified. Call records can be analyzed based on corporate priority sequence, date and time of the call and number of occurrences.